How NBI’s BIOLyte® can help you recover faster

How NBI’s BIOLyte® can help you recover faster

When you’re experiencing dehydration, vomiting, or diarrhoea, what do you do? Sometimes we hope the trouble goes away by itself, other times we go straight to the doctor. Either way, an oral rehydration solution (ORS) can be useful.

NBI’s BIOLyte® is an ORS that can help you recover faster from diarrhoea and keeps you hydrated. We’ll let you know how, but first, here’s some information on the importance of prebiotics and zinc. Neptune Bio-Innovations (NBI) has formulated BIOLyte®, an oral rehydration solution that replenishes and rehydrates your body effectively as well as reduces vomiting and diarrhoea and supports your immune system health.


The Impact of Added Prebiotic and Zinc
Studies have shown that the addition of prebiotics and zinc limits the duration of diarrhoea in both adults and children. The addition of prebiotics promotes the beneficial effects of good bacteria (microbial) in the gut. Zinc on the other hand reduces stool output and frequency. A combination of both can help you recover faster and reduce the need for drug for recovery. Learn more about Gut health: The benefits of prebiotic and zinc.


How BIOLyte® helps

NBI’s BIOLyte® is a scientifically formulated ORS to help restore lost water and electrolytes. The addition of glucose, which absorbs sodium and water, provides rapid rehydration. Plus, it’s the only ORS solution in Australia to include prebiotic and zinc! BIOLyte® can reduce the duration of diarrhoea for children and adults. It provides a 20% faster recovery from diarrhoea and a 30% faster recovery from vomiting. Hydration is required for overall good health, find the right drink for hydration, here. 

NBI’s BIOLyte® achieves this by meeting the recommended guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) in terms of the type and quantity of ingredients used. The WHO developed a new Gold Standard ORS guideline which BIOLyte® met: 


When to use BIOLyte®

NBI’s BIOLyte® ORS is handy to have whenever you’re dehydrated or feeling sick. Dehydration occurs when you’re exercising, travelling, stressed, sick, or experiencing excessive urination. As you sweat or lose body fluids through other means, electrolytes and water are leaving your body. This is when BIOLyte® can help restore electrolytes. When you are sick, such as through illness or food poisoning, you’re losing essential body fluids. In these situations, BIOLyte® can help restore lost fluids and electrolytes while also helping you recover faster.

 Biolyte Oral rehydration solution

Ever been hit by gastro?
There are an estimated 17.2 million cases of gastroenteritis each year2. When it hits, you get abdominal cramps and the sudden urge to get to the toilet. Since gastro is contagious, you want to overcome it quite quickly or be prepared just in case you pass it on to someone around you. Use the innovative NBI’s BIOLyte® rehydration solution and get back to your best in no time!

BIOLyte® with exceptional taste (available in orange, red grape, and green apple flavours) and its availability in different forms (sachets and effervescent tablets) makes NBI’s BIOLyte® a product you don’t want to miss out on.

Visit our website to rehydrate, restore, and protect your body with NBI’s BIOLyte® today.


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