How is Heart Salt useful to prevent hypertension?

How is Heart Salt useful to prevent hypertension?

NBI’s Heart Salt®

Heart Salt® a healthier choice for everyday use!


Sodium is a vital micronutrient and mineral necessary for healthy bodily function. It is essential to balance the concentration of the blood and tissue fluids in our body. However, increased salt levels in our blood retain more water, causing an increase in blood volume that leads to High Blood Pressure or Hypertension.

Hypertension causes stiffening and narrowing of blood vessels as the heart tries harder and faster to pump out blood throughout the body. Therefore, hypertension is often linked to other cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure and stroke. According to the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australian adults should aim to consume less than 5 grams of salt a day or 2,000mg of sodium a day to prevent chronic disease. When it comes to the health of your heart, you must be getting proper circulation. Exercise goes a long way to helping to promote circulation and reduce high blood pressure, learn more tips here.

Neptune Bio Innovations (NBI) Heart Salt® contains 56% less sodium than regular table salt and is the best healthy salt for hypertension patients, and a healthier alternative for heart patients in Australia. It can be a valuable addition to a low sodium diet.

Is reducing salt intake beneficial for blood pressure?

There is much evidence to prove that a moderate reduction in salt intake is directly related to a reduction in blood pressure. However, the benefits may vary from person to person depending on the individual’s blood pressure (significant changes are observed in cases with high blood pressure), current intake, genetics, and medication usage.


Ways to reduce salt intake and prevent Hypertension

Reducing the intake of salt is an initial step in preventing high blood pressure or hypertension. Most of our salt intake comes from processed or ready-to-eat convenience foods, and this dietary lifestyle habit is a major reason for growing hypertension among our population.

Try NBI's Heart Salt, a low sodium condiment that contains 56% less sodium than regular salt and tastes just the same! It is the best healthy salt on the market for hypertension sufferers. Heart Salt® is also available as a great-tasting Chicken Salt and is the only reduced-sodium chicken salt on the market. Here are some ways to reduce your sodium intake:

    • Avoid adding additional salt to food. Instead, use spices and herbs as flavorings.
    • Check the nutritional details on food packets and labels before consumption as even food that doesn’t taste salty can have a high amount of salt in it. 
    • Choose less salted or unsalted varieties of snacks when available. For example, try unsalted nuts, chips, and others or look for a DV of 5% sodium or less.
    • Modify your diet to ensure low sodium intake. Switch to fruits and vegetables without added seasoning, meat purchased from the market usually contains sodium as a part of its packaging process, so instead go for fresh or frozen meat that can be seasoned yourself.
    • Include food with potassium like kidney beans, oranges, sweet potatoes, lower sodium sauces, etc. in your diet. Potassium counters the effects of sodium and thus helps maintain blood pressure.

Apart from the nutritional point of view, lifestyle changes have a significant impact on hypertension. Limiting alcohol, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy weight are the basics in this case. Click to learn to create a healthy low sodium recipe.

What is Heart Salt® and why is it the best healthier alternative to table salt?

Heart Salt® is a low-sodium salt and is beneficial to high blood pressure patients. It has 56% less sodium than regular salt, and no added MSG and is thus considered essential in maintaining blood pressure even under a normal sodium diet. Plus, there is no compromise in terms of taste, so you can enjoy the best-tasting salt without the added disadvantages.

Heart Salt


Heart Salt® is formulated following the Food Standards Australia New Zealand. It is made up of sodium-potassium chloride and NBI’s proprietary ingredient that enhances the overall flavour. World Health Organization (WHO) and other eminent bodies, recommend increasing potassium intake to help in reducing high blood pressure and the risk of other cardiovascular diseases.

Even though sodium (salt) intakes seem inevitable in our daily habits and lifestyle, it is crucially important to either reduce or pick the healthier alternative available. One of the major reasons why people stick to regular salt is due to the perception that a low-sodium salt alternative will not be of great taste. This is exactly where Heart Salt® becomes a necessary addition for you. With 56% less sodium than regular salt and the same taste, you don’t have to compromise on flavour.

Shop NBI's Heart Salt online directly at and enjoy the benefits of a low sodium diet. Make the switch today. 

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