Science & Passion

BIOLyte with essential electrolytes for rapid hydration. BIOLyte has added zinc and prebiotic for a healthy gut and immune support.


Our revolutionary formula does more than rehydrating, we strictly adhere to the new ORS formulation guidelines by the World Health Organization (WHO/UNICEF) to combat acute diarrhoea and subsequent dehydration.

Our Commitment

NBI's BIOLyte® is handy to have whenever you’re dehydrated or feeling sick, as you sweat or lose body fluids through other means, electrolytes and water are leaving your body, this is when BIOLyte® can help replenish electrolytes.

BIOLyte® is a scientifically formulated Oral Rehydration Effervescent Tablets with added Prebiotic the beneficial effects of good bacteria (microbial) in the gut and Zinc which helps support your immune system health.