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What is an ORS Drink, and Why Choose BIOLyte?

ORS stands for ‘Oral Rehydration Solution’ and is a treatment for dehydration. Oral rehydration solutions have been used by the World Health Organisation as part of Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) to treat diarrhoea, which can be life-threatening in children.

An ORS drink replenishes water and electrolytes lost through vomiting, diarrhoea, sweat, and other means. Key ingredients in ORSs include glucose, a form of sugar, and electrolytes sodium chloride and potassium chloride, which help maximise fluid absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.

When to drink an ORS.
ORSs are the best drink to rehydrate quickly and effectively to prevent and recover from dehydration. The body cannot hydrate itself with pure water alone, as it requires electrolytes and glucose to facilitate the absorption of water at a cellular level.    

Simply put, dehydration is a deficiency of water in the body where more fluid is lost than that is taken in. As a result, the body cannot efficiently carry out its normal functions and becomes dehydrated if the water is not replaced.  


Causes of dehydration:

  • Reduced fluid intake, not drinking enough water
  • Diarrhoea and vomiting, such as through gastroenteritis
  • Fever
  • Excessive sweating, such as through physical activity and hot weather
  • Increased urination, due to certain medications or medical conditions

Symptoms of Dehydration
A practical way to determine hydration levels can be through the colour and output of urine. Pale coloured urine indicates that a person is well hydrated. Darker, concentrated urine and infrequent visits to the bathroom signify dehydration as the body conserves more water.

Signs of dehydration in adults include:

  • Feeling thirsty
  • Feeling fatigued or lethargic
  • Headaches or dizziness
  • Dry mouth, lips, and tongue
  • Infrequent urinating and dark urine

 It is important to be more aware of the signs and symptoms of dehydration in the elderly as they are particularly at risk, due to a natural decrease in thirst response and body’s level of water. Other conditions or impairments may make it more difficult to recognise thirst and access or remember to drink water. Learn how BIOLyte can help you recover faster, here.

Likewise, it is important to watch out for dehydration symptoms in children and infants. Their symptoms include:

  • Dry mouth and tongue
  • No tears when crying
  • No wet diapers for three hours
  • Sunken eyes, cheeks
  • Listlessness or irritability

To administer an ORS, follow the package directions and use the recommended dosage. Sip the drink slowly and discard the unused solution after one hour.  ORSs can also be used to rehydrate after drinking alcohol to treat the dehydrating effects responsible for hangovers. 


 Recover faster with Biolyte


Why choose BIOLyte ORS?
Since 2008, NBI has been dedicated to developing health products through innovations in nutritional and health sciences that put consumers in charge of their wellbeing. NBI scientifically formulated BIOLyte ORS to meet UNICEF and World Health Organisation Oral Rehydration Solution guidelines, with the optimum balance of glucose and salts and a low osmolarity ORS formula that allows for 3 times more hydration than water alone, and 30% faster recovery from dehydration.  

Plus, it’s the only ORS in Australia that contains prebiotic and zinc, learn more in here. The prebiotic Inulin supports gut health and immunity, while zinc gluconate limits the duration of diarrhoea and assists immunity and muscle recovery. It can even help relieve hangover symptoms!   

BIOLyte is available as ready-to-drink, effervescent tablets and sachets in Red Grape, Green Apple and Orange flavours. Stay prepared and keep BIOLyte on hand to be ready for the times you need it most.   

Shop BIOLyte online and discover other NBI products online directly at www.nepbio.com

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